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4-Day Rental only $125

*includes a $75 credit towards purchase

'The only commercial ozone generator you need to complete over 100 different types of strong odor and mold destroying projects'

16,000mghr O3 Ozone Output
Highest Output for Price on Web
Manufactured by us and Sold Direct in USA
5 year Warranty
Low Maintenance | Purchase Guaranteed

Direct Friendly Customer Support
Power Ebay seller with 100% Satisfaction Rating

Looking to rent a commercial ozone generator instead of owning one?

Now you can rent the highest output ozone generator for the price on the web for less than $150. 4-days is more than enough time to complete any strong odor or mold removal project.

We offer a very simple 4-day rental for only $125 plus return shipping only. This is the least expensive way to eliminate any strong odor from your home or office. Here's how it works...

1 Call us at 440-925-0370 with your name, shipping address, and credit card
2 We charge $125 to your credit card plus the return shipping amount and ship to your desired location.
3 Use the MaxBlaster for 4 days to eliminate your strong odor problem.
4 Return the MaxBlaster in the original box with the return shipping label included with your order.

Other facts...

*24 hours is about the maximum time you need to run the MaxBlaster to remove the strongest odor and mold problems. Most jobs take half that time. So, 4-days is more than enough to complete any 1 project.

* When you call us with your name and address we will discuss the return shipping charge. This will usually be between $15-$30 depending on your location. This means the total cost to you will be about $150.

* We use the United States Postal Service to ship... so all you have to do to return it when finished is drop it off at your local post office. We include a pre-dated return label and instructions with your order.

* If you wish to purchase the unit after using it we give you a $75 credit... so to buy the unit it will cost you $340 ($415 minus $75).

* Obviously, if you do not return the unit we will charge you this difference as well. We are reasonable and will make every attempt to contact you before applying this charge. We ask if there is some delay in returning the unit that you contact us first.

* If you need the unit for more than the 4-days you may do so for $25/day. Please call us if you wish to extend your rental period.

* As we assume a majority of customers who wish to rent also are in need of a unit ASAP we can express ship you a unit for next-day delivery. The charge for this is an additional $65. Normal shipping is done via USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail and we will give you more specific estimates for arrival when you first call.

Call us to discuss...

To rent a MaxBlaster please call Greg at 440-925-0370 to arrange all final details. Thank You!


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